Hear In 3D Again

Improve Your Hearing, Remove Earwax and Prevent Ear Infection

  • No More Expensive Doctor Visits

  • No More Ear Pain or Itching

  • No More Ear Bacteria or Fungi

  • No More Ear Impaction

  • No More Cotton Swabs

Introducing the new

All-In-One Earwax Removal Kit by HealthDevice

The Safe way to clean your ears

Everything you need to soften earwax, remove earwax blockage, prevent excess wax buildup, and clean the ear canal at home

ear drop solutions to dissolve earwaxFREE Bonus Included:

You will get a free guide with 10 easy and effective ear drop recipes to help you make ear drops at home, using just a few ingredients you probably have in your kitchen.

No Leak Sprayer

Better trigger sprayer design that fits in your hand comfortably, eliminating hand fatigue throughout the entire ear cleaning procedure.

Clear High-quality Bottle

can be easily filled with an earwax-softening solution or warm water

Easy and effective ear irrigation system - safe water pressure to eardrum

Unique Safe Design

Designed to stream a safe water pressure to your eardrum; providing enough water stream to clean out the wax.

Soft Adjustable Tips

Tips can be easily trimmed with a scissor in case of any discomfort or in case of using on children.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I no longer have to deal with my earbuds being coated in disgusting wax, because this little nifty devices takes care of all the wax for me."
- Connor Barnes

"This works great, really does SO much better of a job than q-tips. You feel super clean afterwards."
- Jacob Hurley

"This was easy to use instructions are clear and precise. It did its job I can hear again. Thanks Guys."
- Rhonda Sue.

Ear wax removal and washer kit - Ear irrigation system

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What's Included

The All-In-One Ear wax Removal Kit consists of: Ear Irrigation (spray) Bottle, Wash Basin, Stainless Steel Curette Set, Ear Bulb Syringe, Ear Dropper Bottle, Cleaning Towel, and Extra Tips. This kit help improve hearing and reduce ear infection for Adults and Kids